Blog Post #1

Inaugural blog post commenced… So here it is. My attempt at putting my writing out there. Somewhat feeble right now, but it will grow. I want this section of my website to contain anything and everything I’m interested in.

I have, well… some call them hobbies. In actuality they are more like obsessions. I sometimes need to distract myself for one reason or another. I delve into whatever project I deem worthy of my time like a 9 year-old future engineer into a box of K’Nex.

He seems rul’ happy.

Anyway, you may be seeing some posts about photography. Other posts may be more abstract, like my current vape setup. If i find something in the media I find interesting I might write a little diddle about it and attach some links. Then again, I might just post a flash fiction piece or two. You’ll have to check back regularly to find out what I’m up to.


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