Photos from The Bridge and The Social Room

My group of friends in Columbia, MO all live near me downtown in “The District”. I’ve always kind of had a problem with that name. It makes it sound like a much bigger deal. Our downtown area actually is growing a lot, but the district?

Anyway, it’s a lot of live music, drinks then bar hopping on the weekends. Lately I’ve been bringing my camera around to shoot some photos of our crew and document some of the live music we see in town.


Four of my close friends are in a blues/rock band called 9th and Elm. I’ve seen a few of their shows now and it’s ridiculous how talented they are. From Ceci’s inspiring vocal prowess to Kevin’s wailing guitar riffs, they bring melody and harmony to the stage. Once Kyle’s bangin’ beats and Andrew’s backbone of bass enter into the equation, the musical rapport between this group becomes evident. I took photos at the Bridge and when they played the grand opening of The Social Room. I plan on having a separate post about the social room with a few pictures, but needless to say we had an amazing time.


There are plenty more photos of 9th&Elm on my flickr page. Please go check it out.


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