The New SubΩ Vaper

I vape. I’ve been enjoying the “hobby” for a couple years now, and I’ve seen the E-cigarette market change quite a bit. The availability of, and demand for, inexpensive and technologically diverse consumer products has launched the vaping industry into the forefront of smoking alternatives. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone blowing clouds these days.

And with new federal regulations in the mix and more health studies coming out everyday, E-cigarettes are becoming a more prevalent conversation in the media and medical circles. Putting aside the health implications (see other post), there are many devices for the prospective vape enthusiast to choose from. Let’s imagine you want to buy one of these products from a store. So you step into one of the many vape shops now popping up in every city and tell the man behind the counter that you are new to e-cigarettes, but maybe you’ve tried a “Blu e-cig” at one point.

The man may ask you some questions about your previous and current smoking habits and he may even give you a spiel about the devices themselves, but in the end he will probably direct you to an “ego” sized device that looks something like this:

Others in the shop are tugging away on these little cigarillo-sized battery and tank combos, trying different e-liquids while saying things like “atomizer” and “vg/pg ratio”. As you try a few flavors from their display, you notice he’s holding a “box mod” and probably looking like this:

Well maybe it isn’t quite like that, but the clouds bursting forth from his mouth make you think that thing in his hand must be a lightsaber or some future technology used to rapidly change everyday humans into fire-breathing dragons. In actuality the technology now available isn’t all that new, and dragon transfiguration liquids are only available to Level 6 Warlock Vapers. The first electronic cigarette patent actually dates all the way back to 1963, but the invention of the devices in use today is generally credited to three people since 2003. Hon Lik, a chinese pharmacist and inventor, patented a product that used ultrasound waves to vaporize a pressurized liquid containing nicotine. These products were not introduced to overseas markets until around 2006-2007. Right around this time some British entreprenuers, Taz and Umer Sheikh, invented the cartomizer. The cartomizer employed a heating coil in a liquid chamber, which is essentially the same technology used in high end vaping devices today. I didn’t want to turn this article into a history lesson, so I won’t go through the evolution of the ecigarette since then. I will instead, jump right into the good stuff: my top 3 “self-compiled” starter kits.

D.J.’s Top 3 Starter Kits

Self-compiled? Yeah. SO the biggest gripe I hear about E-Cigarettes is that it can be expensive to buy things at a store. Yes. Brick and Mortar storefronts charge a lot for their products. The prospective vaper doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on something they are not sure they will even like or continue using. This is my reasoning for providing lists of products to buy from online sources. The prices, as you will see, are often ridiculously lower online. Buy each product from the specific starter kit you choose and you won’t regret spending the money. Click on each link to go to the individual products.

Starter Kit #1 “The Magic Wand”

This variable voltage battery can handle sub-ohm coils. It’s the skinniest sub-ohm battery I know of (same size as vision spinner ii). That means flush fit for Aerotank MOW which can take subohm coils. SubΩ + Variable Voltage + Adjustable Airflow = “The Magic Wand”

Tesla Spider II Battery $19.95 @ (FS over $35)

Kangertech Aerotank MOW (EMOW) $7.99 @ (Free Shipping)

Kangertech Universal Sub-Ohm Coils (5) $8.95 @ (FS over $35)

Vaporbeast 10% Off Coupon Code: YEAHBABY

Total Investment: $36.89     Retail Price: $61.99

Starter Kit #2 “Mechanical Drip Kit AKA: BLOWIN’ CLOUDS”

This kit is not for the faint of heart. Well, really it could be, if you wanted to build it that way. That’s the beauty of the rebuildable atomizer and mechanical mod. You can fine tune things like vapor heat, density and flavor production by adjusting variables such as coil resistance and airflow. This is for the tinker in every one of us. Trust me building coils isn’t as as scary or intensive as it seems.  Derringer,  Dark Horse, Little Boy or similar RDA ~$

SMPL Mechanical Mod $12.42 @ (Free Shipping)

DOGE X V2 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer $8.65 @ (Free Shipping)

2 18650 Batteries Samsung 25R $11.50 @ (Prime Shipping)

18650 Battery Charger $6.95 @

Japanese Organic Cotton Wicking Material $3.49 @

UD Kanthal Wire 28ga and 26ga $4.98 @

Coil Jig, Pliers, Scissors, etc. optional @

Total Investment: $47.99       Retail Price: $200+

Starter Kit #3 “Little Tanker”

If I were gonna pick a kit, this would be the one. The new iSub tank from Innokin looks to be a little monster at an amazing price. The frosted german polycarbonate tank that has been rumoured to withstand acidic eliquids looks pretty awesome and the adjustable airflow is massive. Get some replacement coils and that bad boy should last you a very long time. The Eleaf iStick 30W Variable Wattage mod matches perfectly with these tanks and will ensure optimum control over your vape experience.

Eleaf iStick 30w Variable Wattage Mod  $29.71 @

Innokin iSub Tank $10.58 @ 

Replacement Coils (5 Pack) $8.46 @ 15% off COUPON CODE: newmfs15

Total Investment: $48.75  Retail: $76.85


So you are going to need some juice to complete your kit. Check out my post on E-Liquids. Some guidelines to follow for each kit…

Kit #1: 70%VG or lower

Kit #2: 70%VG or higher (MAX VG)


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