Velvet Cloud Vapor (E-Liquid) Review

Let me start out by saying… WOW! Just, WOW. For two big reasons:┬áCustomer Service and Quality Products!

This company, based out of the bay area in Northern California, did nothing but impress me. I was very interested in their flavors after one of my friends gave me a drag off of their “Strawb-Gwab”, a strawberry and guava mix. Amazing flavor out of a drippper. Very balanced and complex. Definitely became an ADV (all day vape) once I got my hands on it.

So, I went online to peruse their selection when I learned that they create their own flavor profiles using only natural ingredients and source everything from the U.S. As their website puts it, “If the local farmer’s market made e-liquid – this would be it.”

They don’t use propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, or diacetyl. This was a huge plus for me, as I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to those things. Honestly after going to MAX VG liquids I don’t ever want to go back, and this company makes that an easy choice to make.

After looking through their flavors a bit more, I just couldn’t decide. I wanted to try them all. Even the tobacco flavors sounded interesting.

I decided to email them and see if they could send me some samples. Within 24 hours I recieved an email from Andy. This guy seriously took care of me. After a few emails back and forth about their products, he sent me soooo many samples.

I couldn’t have been happier when I opened the package to find a hand drawn illustration of Mewlew (a mascot character of sorts). Mewlew’s Magic Blend was one of the flavors the sent me: a seriously complicated chocolate flavor that I just couldn’t put down. Mewlew was also on the bottle with his little smirk.

Some of the other flavors that grabbed my attention were Nutty Cookie, Harvest Berry, Night Shift and Vanilla Custard.

Nutty Cookie was really a great vape. It reminded me of a buttery sugar cookie with hints of macadamia and hazelnut.

Harvest Berry blew my socks off after I let it steep for a week or so. I could really pull apart the separate berry flavors.

Night Shift was probably the most interesting, but not my favorite. An unusual combination of coffee and jelly donut, this made for the perfect after-dinner vape.

Finally Vanilla Custard. I’m a snob for vanilla flavors. I love them, when they are right.┬áThis one was great. Not too heavy on the custard base and the vanilla was strong enough to satisfy my needs.

I will definitely be ordering another batch from them as they have recently released a few more flavors and they seem to rotate them often. Check ’em out.



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