VAPE GEAR: Eleaf Istick TC 40W preorder

You may have read my post The New SubΩ Vaper from a couple weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly these companies are coming out with new vape gear. I mean it seems like just a month or two ago Eleaf’s Istick 30W and 50W varible wattage mods just got popular. My girlfriend bought an istick 30w with a subtank mini and she loved it. Until I introduced her to dripping. But that’s another topic.

The Istick 40TC is a temperature controlled device, which is apparently the future of vape mods. It’s supposed to control the temperature your coils reach to ensure an optimal vaping experience. What do I mean by optimal vaping experience? Well these temperature control devices are supposed to help prevent mishaps like “dry hits” and burnt cotton wicks. For this reason alone, I am interested in this great deal.

Many say that the health studies that have recently reported crazy chemicals being produced by e-cigarettes (formaldehyde etc.) have been caused by “dry hits”. The people doing these studies used products like CE4 clearomizers and did not take into consideration the state of the wick and coil. When a silica wick burns, that’s not good. Luckily most people don’t ever burn their wicks anymore, because they can tell when they are getting a dry hit. The best part about this mod is that it helps to eliminate any possibility of those adverse vaping conditions.

Another good part about this mod is that (just like VW devices) you can change your vaping experience with the click of a button. You could literally lower the temperature of the vapor exiting the device instead of adjusting the voltage or the wattage or the resistance. This technology seems to be the next big thing in the vaping world, and at such a low price… I probably won’t be able to pass it up. The only catch… You must use Nickel or Titanium wire for your builds. I will be doing research on these materials and their efficacy in terms of vape usage. Though I do know that they have nickel heads for the subtanks now. Hmmm…..

A redditor got a hold of one of these temperature control devices recently. Check it out HERE.

I recommend buying it from a US vendor like VaportekUSA. Shipping just sucks from China.

VaportekUSA for $30.39 with coupon code 5OFFNOW


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