Kansas City Bar Review: “Blind Tiger” 3/5 Stars

After moving into the midtown area of Kansas City, Missouri I discovered that a historically prevailing restaurant and bar district was only blocks from my doorstep. Westport is possibly one of my favorite areas of KC to grab a beer, eat some barbecue and catch some live music. This entertainment district hails itself as the “oldest established community in Kansas City” marking the beginning of the western frontier. Some of the buildings in this area are over 160 years old and still contain some of the most popular bars and restaurants in the area.

The main strip of this area is undoubtedly at the intersection of Westport Road and Pennsylvania Avenue where you can find micro breweries, Kansas City barbecue and music venues. It gets pretty poppin’ on Friday and Saturday nights. For several blocks the streets get blocked off to vehicle traffic and happy pedestrians stumble through in search of their next haunt. At times this particular part of Westport can get a bit overwhelming and “Bro-ish”. When this happens I take a short jaunt down Westport Rd. to Main Street.

Where these roads intersect you can find an awesome coffeehouse (Oddly Correct), a bad-ass bicycle shop (Midwest Cyclery) and a comic book shop filled with page turners (Clint’s Comics.)  Among these gems, one can also grab a drink at a bar called Blind Tiger.

Blind Tiger is a new addition to the area, opening shortly after I moved to the area. Complete with several pool tables, dart boards, arcade games and a great little rooftop patio Blind Tiger has become a good escape for me. It’s on the closer side of Westport to my apartment and the bartenders are the no nonsense kind of people I sometimes need.

A well stocked bar is complimented by a small front of house kitchen setup.When I first started going here you could grab some good sandwiches up until 11ish (if i remember correctly). Then they stopped serving in the evenings. They have since simplified their menu to gourmet hot dogs. This does not excite me as much. Their sandwiches were great and I really liked the setup. Probably just needed to focus on the bar side of things, but I definitely would not have gotten rid of the food. Minus points.

Management/Ownership is sometimes on hand. A bearded guy named Jason and really nice gal named Candice have had a drink with my girlfriend and I on several occasions.

On nights I go into Blind Tiger, there is usually a mellow mood accentuated by DJ’s spinning old 45’s with everything from beach party twist and shout, to garage rock and Rockabilly. It can get eclectic.

Every now and then they have events such as Billiards tournaments and live music. I have yet to make an appearance at these things, but they do sound like fun.

Their drink prices are ok and specials are better. They almost always have good beer on tap, but I have gone in to find that several drafts I was looking for have been out of stock. The crowd isn’t usually rough, but it isn’t “Cheers” either. I have on occasion run into issues with service. Being overlooked while waiting to order at the bar for 15 minutes on not-so-busy nights and being double charged on my credit card isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. The staff seems to have changed over the past few months and this is not necessarily a good thing.


3/5 Stars

Check out their menu on their WEBSITE


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