Kansas City Food Review: “Green Room Burgers” 4.5/5 Stars

Just past the front doors are kegs. Inside these small silver cylinders atop the end of the bar is a liquid that will melt your heart and excite your taste buds: cask ale. Lining the 4-foot wall that separates the main bar area from the rest of the dining/gaming section are boxes and boxes of board games. Welcome to Green Room Burgers & Beer.

Tucked away in a lot between Westport Coffeehouse and Sun Fresh Market, Green Room caters to the craft beer and fine burger aficionados in everyone.

Their beer is phenomenal. I mean it. It’s just amazing.

All of their beers are pretty strong and of the 7ish I have tried, not a one is too hoppy. It’s no secret that many small breweries will hide bad flavor with extra bitterness and call it a “hoppy” ale. Most of the time these poorly crafted brews are due to an “experimental twist” on an old style or to make use of inadequately sourced ingredients. It doesn’t turn out like they were hoping and instead of throwing out their raw materials, they will just throw in extra hops. This isn’t a trouble for Green Room.

I am no beer expert, though I have tried quite a few different beers over the years. It’s obvious that the brewers here are knowledgeable and passionate about the pursuit for amazing libation. This quest seems to extend to the kitchen as well.

From the seasonal pulled pork “Pancho’s Nachos,” to the standard “Brownfield Burger” each menu item is prepared with fresh ingredients and attention to detail. As they say directly on their menu,

It is the endless pursuit of burger perfection that we are constantly striving for.
Grinding beef in house is a good start, but quality ingredients, proper grilling technique with roots in KC’s diner style, and an endless devotion to mastering the complex simplicity of an American classic should be demanded as well.

This place really is a treat and not just because of their consumables. Tabletop gaming has become more and more popular among adults through the years and Green Room seems to recognize that. The selection is good though they lean toward the classics: Scrabble, Chess, Settlers of Catan.

While eating an early dinner one evening, the bartender struck up a conversation with my partner and I. We began talking about the games and he told us that they used to offer a special on Tuesday nights in which you received a discount on your tab if you were playing a tabletop game. He said they hadn’t run that special in a while, but were considering bringing it back. I hope so.

It’s not big, but that adds to it’s charm. When it’s packed it can be a bit overwhelming, but most of the time it’s only moderately busy. Go in on a weekend evening and you might need to wait for a table, but that’s to be expected during the busy hours in Westport. From their own in-house brews, to board games, nightly events and a friendly atmosphere, this joint seems to have been built for those trying to escape the standard Westport experience.


4.5/5 Stars


Find Green Room Burgers and Beer on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and BEER BLOG.


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