Some new design work

Checkout the new header image!

I spent a little time with a photo of the Kansas City Skyline taken from the Liberty Memorial, not far from where I live. When I took this image into Illustrator I didn’t know what I wanted it to be. By the time I was halfway through the design, I realized that doing a small project like this was kind of enlightening.

Because of the geographical size of this place, I was soon confronted with the conundrum of what to include in the image and what to omit. I left out some iconic pieces of Kansas City, (i.e. Union Station, Crossroads district, etc.) but found that the downtown area seemed to fit nicely on the horizon line.

The color scheme was also meaningful to me, as I wanted to highlight both the diversity and openness of this city. Since beginning my time here, I have found more ways to relate to my fellow human while discovering the range of life that can thrive in a place like this.

KCSkyline [Recovered]-01


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