Critical Role Film Dream Cast

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A few Thursday’s ago, while watching Critical Role (see previous post for explanation of this show) my girlfriend turned to me and asked, “If you were the Casting Director for a Critical Role movie, who would you cast?”

Immediately my mind started reeling. Believe it or not, I hadn’t thought of this before.

“Well, I’d probably try to cast these guys,” I said, pointing at the television.

“NO, you can’t pick them,” she replied, setting the hypothetical boundaries for our thought experiment.

She stumped me. Me being me, I was trying to think about these things as realistically as possible. What performers would be interested in acting in a fantasy film in this era of superheros and unstoppable action stars? Who would be intrigued by the translation from it’s original format (live-streamed Dungeons and Dragon’s gameplay)? Who would be inspired by the depth of backstory that this fictional world maintained?

“This would do so much better as a television series,” I finally said.

“Okay. Well who would you cast in a television series?” she asked, mistaking my thoughtfulness for an unwillingness to play along.

A part of me realized that if this production ever came to fruition, the casting would probably need to be actors of very little notoriety. They would need to be people who had a lot of talent and a strong work ethic for their craft, but no big-name productions under their name on IMDB.

I gave up. I didn’t know how to answer this question intelligently.

A week or two later, the same question hit a Critical Role Fan Group on Facebook. Yes, I’m that much of a nerd.

I started perusing the multitude of answers on my lunch break. Most people were answering with cliché responses. I wanted to think through this and play along.

This time I was going to suspend my deep thought a bit. If I were to cast “big-name” actors to  play in a Hollywood Critical Role film, who could pull it off? If I were making a film that captured the interplay of tongue-in-cheek humor and serious adventure, who could bring to life the nature of Dungeons and Dragons?

The List

I present to you, my list. It’s not perfect, but I’m standing behind my picks. The main thing about this is that it was fun. I was having a good time thinking about this critically. It may seem a bit whitewashed, but if you follow the world Matt Mercer has created, you’de know that this is pretty accurate and that there will be plenty of opportunity for casting actors of a variety of ethnicities from continents like Marquette, Issylra and Wildmount.


Vax needs to have roguish good looks and strong brow-furrowing abilities. Someone who can pull off the tortured soul act, while being an intense fighter.

Jeremy Renner, Josh Hartnett, or Jensen Ackles


Vex needs to balance a strong personality, full of shrewd sass and sarcasm, with the femininity Laura Bailey provides the character.

Jessica Brown Findlay, Kate Beckinsale, or Anna Popplewell



Keyleth can be a conflicted character full of emotion. The actress needs to balance an absentminded personality with a strong sense of morality and inherited responsibility.

Jayma Mays, Rose Leslie, or Brittany Snow


Percy’s noble birth informs his sense of importance and natural leadership qualities. Capturing his articulate temperament and general nerdiness is essential.

Dan Stevens, Paul Bettany, or Nicholas Hoult


Scanlan is a true performer. The actor chosen for his role needs to have a musical background and the ability to capture the humor and intelligence of Shorthalt.

Ewan McGregor, Joseph Gordon Levitt, or Robert Downey Jr.


Pike’s innocence, purity and beauty compliment her background as an adventurous follower of Sarenrae and the actress chosen needs to look good in platemail.

Amanda Seyfried, Chloë Grace Moretz, or Evanna Lynch


Grog is rough and tumble, but soft and cuddly. His low intelligence is stabilized by his love for his friends. The actor needs to be huge and have some acting chops.

Nathan Jones, John DeSantis, or Dwayne Johnson



Taryon is a new addition to the group. His affluence and lack of real human connection has to be humorous and inform his actions as an adventurer. He wants to be accepted, but needs to learn how to become a part of the group.

Neil Patrick Harris, Simon Baker, or Tom Hiddleston



Trinket, the cuddly and fierce.

Betty and Whopper the Kodiak Bear



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