Poll: Graphics Tablets and their rise in design and editing

My dad always said, “It is a poor artist who blames his poor brushes.” Usually he said this after he saw me searching my ball glove for a baseball sized hole. This stuck with me.

For most of my life I’ve made due with consumer or hobbyist grade creative tools and bought most of my equipment used. If anything, I think this has forced me to realize that with effort, I’m able to get the job done with limited resources. But it also helped me understand and recognize the value of high quality instruments.

My background in graphic design, photography and videography has led me to a product that I’m not very familiar with. Graphics Tablets seem to be a big deal right now with photo editors and graphic artists,but I definitely don’t have the money to shell out for a extremely high-end products. With that said, I’ve been doing a bit of research and I’d love to hear other opinions.


Take my poll and please feel free to leave comments about your experience with this technology. Specifically it’d be great to know what you use your graphics tablet for.


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