A Beginner’s Guide to Cleric Creation (5e)

EDIT: Well, I guess I didn’t search well enough, because I found that Geek and Sundry actually had already posted a Beginner’s Guide for Clerics and my post was unnecessary. They just didn’t tag it the same way as the rest of their beginner’s guides so it didn’t appear on the page I linked below. 

I created this guide as a way for new players to learn about the Cleric class in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. This is meant as a supplement to the information presented in the Player’s Handbook. I was inspired to do this for one of the new player’s I will be DMing for in the near future when I found that Geek and Sundry’s “Beginner’s Guide to Character Creation” didn’t have a Cleric article yet. If you are looking for another class, Geek and Sundry might actually have created a post for them already. They are a great way to introduce a new player to character creation and I highly recommend them.

What is a Cleric?

First it is important to understand that Clerics are not simply followers of a faith or god. They are the vessels through which a deity channels their power for various purposes. Clerics are a rarity, and as such, are often called upon by their god or their faith’s leaders to take up an adventuring life. This often means Clerics have set out on a holy quest with the purpose of vanquishing evil, uncovering lost religious artifacts, or protecting devout followers throughout the world.

Clerics are an extremely versatile class, in that they can fulfill a wide range of roles in an adventuring party depending on their skills, abilities, and Divine Domain. Some are potent healers, others are warriors clad in heavy armour, while some even take up the role of spellcasting damage dealers. Read More

Brandon Sanderson

Over a year ago I first came across the fantasy novelist Brandon Sanderson. To be honest, I’d heard of Sanderson before (mainly for finishing the Wheel of Time series), but I hadn’t ever read any of his works. What brought his novels to my attention was actually an episode of Critical Role.

In February of 2016 Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role gave away a couple copies of Bands of Mourning by Sanderson during a non-conventional Q&A episode with Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Mary McGlynn, and Will Friedle. Will Friedle, of Boy Meets World fame, was playing as a guest on the show for a time and began raving about Sanderson as an author and storyteller. The way he spoke said enough.

Normally I order books online to get the best price, but I had just finished another book and decided I needed something right away. The next day I hopped in my car and ran to Barnes & Noble and purchased Mistborn in paperback. I was extremely happy that I did.

Most people assume that I read quickly as I take my creative writing endeavors fairly seriously and read a good amount. Heck, I was an English major, so you’d think I’d be able to knock out War and Peace in a weekend. In fact, when I read for pleasure I’m exceptionally slow.  There are two factors that push this to be true: 1) I read in short bursts, usually before bed 2) I find myself re-reading portions to catch significant (and sometimes insignificant) details. But I read these quickly and loved them.

Everything I love about Brandon Sanderson’s works can be summed up in this brief review of Mistborn: The Final Empire, the first book in Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy. Read More

Poll: Graphics Tablets and their rise in design and editing

My dad always said, “It is a poor artist who blames his poor brushes.” Usually he said this after he saw me searching my ball glove for a baseball sized hole. This stuck with me.

For most of my life I’ve made due with consumer or hobbyist grade creative tools and bought most of my equipment used. If anything, I think this has forced me to realize that with effort, I’m able to get the job done with limited resources. But it also helped me understand and recognize the value of high quality instruments.

My background in graphic design, photography and videography has led me to a product that I’m not very familiar with. Graphics Tablets seem to be a big deal right now with photo editors and graphic artists,but I definitely don’t have the money to shell out for a extremely high-end products. With that said, I’ve been doing a bit of research and I’d love to hear other opinions.


Take my poll and please feel free to leave comments about your experience with this technology. Specifically it’d be great to know what you use your graphics tablet for.

Steam Controller

I’m not a huge gamer. That is, I don’t play video games competitively.

I’ve gone through the storylines in games like Uncharted and Prince of Persia, played quite a few hours of FIFA and NCAA football, and enjoyed some first person shooters like Call of Duty and Titanfall, but I’ve never been obsessed. It’s never been something I’m extremely good at, and after reaching a plateau in my gameplay I usually don’t seem to get the same level of entertainment from it anymore.

I haven’t bought a console since the PS3 came out, mainly because they are so damned expensive, but also because I usually lived with friends who had the latest and greatest. They were loads better than me and it just wasn’t fun getting my ass handed to me for hours as I learned the game. For the same reason, I don’t really like playing Real Time Strategy or Battle Arena games. Starcraft, DOTA and League of Legends just aren’t for me. Read More

Critical Role Film Dream Cast

To skip my rambling, scroll down for the list.

A few Thursday’s ago, while watching Critical Role (see previous post for explanation of this show) my girlfriend turned to me and asked, “If you were the Casting Director for a Critical Role movie, who would you cast?”

Immediately my mind started reeling. Believe it or not, I hadn’t thought of this before.

“Well, I’d probably try to cast these guys,” I said, pointing at the television.

“NO, you can’t pick them,” she replied, setting the hypothetical boundaries for our thought experiment. Read More

DSLR Wedding Videography Setup

This article is my way of sharing a very low-budget equipment setup for wedding videography. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and is only meant to serve as a starting point. It might be helpful to those who are considering this kind of work with limited funds for the necessary tools. With wedding season now upon us, it’s the perfect time to take stock of your equipment. 

A few years have passed since I was supplementing my income with weddings, and while I still do random videography gigs here and there, I don’t have the same access to quality equipment I once did. Currently my options in terms of cameras and lenses is limited and my audio equipment has dwindled, so when my girlfriend and I decided to produce the wedding video for her sister’s upcoming nuptial, I set to work on a bit of research.

Original image- 1920x1275 Read More

Geek Culture and the Rise of Critical Role

Back in 2015 I stumbled across the Geek and Sundry network on youtube. I found them while watching Wil Wheaton’s show Tabletop, but I was soon perusing their website and then their Twitch Channel.

If you aren’t a gamer, Twitch may sound more like a designer drug than an interesting website. Twitch is an online network of people who livestream their video gameplay with the world. They login to their timesuck of choice and hit the stream button. Usually these players are good enough to want to show off their skills. Others are mediocre players, but hilarious or entertaining channel hosts. With millions of active users coming to the site daily to watch their favorite (sometimes professional) gamers go in and destroy newbs, make speed runs, and achieve high scores, the gaming community has latched onto this idea and hasn’t let go.

I’ve never been hardcore enough to really care about watching other people play DOTA, League of Legends, or World of Warcraft, but I knew of the site. My reason for browsing through Twitch this time around wasn’t to watch video games though. I wanted to see more of the show Critical Role. Read More